Which coal has the highest fixed carbon content?

Anthracite: The highest rank of coal. It is a hard, brittle, and black lustrous coal, often referred to as hard coal, containing a high percentage of fixed carbon and a low percentage of volatile matter. Bituminous: Bituminous coal is a middle rank coal between subbituminous and anthracite.

Which will have the highest fixed carbon?

Mangrove Wood Charcoal has producted the highest fixed carbon content that is 68.78%, while the highest fixed carbon in Kaltim Prima Coal produces 37.01% and the lowest fixed carbon content is at Sinjai 13.96%.

Which of the following coals has the highest calorific value?


Which coal has highest water content?

  • Anthracite coal is a dense, hard rock with a jet-
  • 86% and 98% carbon by weight, & it burns.
  • Bituminous coal (in Indiana), contains between.
  • 69% & 86% carbon by weight.
  • Sub-bituminous coal contains less carbon, more.
  • Lignite coal, or brown coal, is a very soft coal that.
  • contains up to 70% water by weight. Emits more.
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What is fixed carbon content?

Fixed carbon is a measure of the amount of non-volatile carbon remaining in a coal sample. It is a calculated value determined from other parameters measured in a proximate analysis, rather than through direct measurement (ASTM method D3172-07a; American Society for Testing and Materials, 2013, p. 492-493).

What is difference between fixed carbon and carbon in coal?

The fixed carbon is that portion of coal that remains as residue after volatile matter distills off, after the sum of moisture and ash content in the coal is subtracted. It is essentially carbon, but contains minor quantity of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur not driven off with the gases.

How does ash and fixed carbon affect the quality of coal?

Fixed carbon is the solid combustible residue that remains after a coal particle is heated and the volatile matter is expelled. The fixed-carbon content of a coal is determined by subtracting the percentages of moisture, volatile matter, and ash from a sample.

Which is the highest grade of coal?


Which fuel has highest calorific value?


Which coal has lowest calorific value?


What is the cleanest coal?


What are the 4 types of coal?

Coal is classified into four main types, or ranks: anthracite, bituminous, subbituminous, and lignite.

What is the cleanest type of coal?


What is VM in coal?

Volatile matter is one of the most common parameters measured in coal. … It is measured as the weight percent of gas (emissions) from a coal sample that is released during heating to 950 C° in an oxygen-free environment , except for moisture (which will evaporate as water vapor), at a standardized temperature.

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What is fixed ash?

Widely used to designate the part of the ash content of a coal that is structurally part of the coal itself and cannot be separated from it by any mechanical means, usually amounts to about 1%. Also called dirt; fixed ash; constitutional ash. Opposite of free ash.

What is meant by ash content?

Ash content represents the incombustible component remaining after a sample of the furnace oil is completely burned. The ash content of petroleum products is generally low. It is defined as inorganic residue that remains after combustion of the oil in air at specific high temperature. Ash ranges from 0.1–0.2%.

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