What is the opposite of coal?

Opposite of a glowing piece of coal or wood. crystal. flake. frost. ice.

What is the synonym of coal?

What is another word for coal?anthraciteashcarboncharcharcoalcinderculmemberfuelscoriaЕщё 2 строки

What is the opposite of hardened?

mortal, obedient, untoughened, exhausted, manageable, incapacitated, reasonable, compliant, flexible, worn, amenable, acquiescent, pliable, persuadable, receptive, pliant, emasculated, temperate, resistless, perishable, puny, tractable, agreeable, crippled, unresistant, transient, willing, yielding, unsound, temporary, …

What is the opposite of wore?

▲ Opposite of dressed in old or worn clothes. new. handsome. neat.

What’s the opposite of technically?

What is the opposite of technically?generallynontechnicallyinexpertlyself-evidentlycommonlynonspecificallynonexclusivelynonprofessionallyunprofessionallygenericallyЕщё 2 строки

Why is coal called buried sunshine?

Q8. Why is coal called “buried sunshine”? Answer: Coal is called “buried sunshine” because it is found buried under the earth, and is as important a source of energy as sunshine.

What is another name for hard coal?

n. anthracite, bituminous coal, lignite, anthracite coal, hard coal, steam coal, soft coal, brown coal, wood coal.

What is another word for hardened?

Hardened Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for hardened?inuredaccustomedbenumbedcallouscase-hardenedcoldheartedcontemptuouscruelcynicaldisdainfulЕщё 108 строк

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What is the meaning of unaccustomed?

1 : not customary : not usual or common. 2 : not habituated —usually used with to.

What does hardened mean?

adjective. made or become hard or harder. pitiless; unfeeling. firmly established or unlikely to change; inveterate: a hardened criminal. inured; toughened: a hardened trooper.

What’s another word for wore?

What is another word for wore?tookfitted intofitted inneededrequireddonnedfitfittedhabitually woreusedЕщё 2 строки

What is another word for worn?

In this page you can discover 107 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for worn, like: damaged, used, careworn, weary, attrition, dilapidation, unused, gaunt, hollow-eyed, wan and raddled.

What is the meaning of worn?

Worn is the past participle of wear. 2. adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] Worn is used to describe something that is damaged or thin because it is old and has been used a lot.

What is the difference between literally and technically?

Literally is supposed to mean that you’re speaking the objective truth. It means that the very words you’re saying is true. … Technically emphasizes that while there is truth to what you’re saying, there’s other factors that make it untrue.

Is technically a word?

Something technically true is actually, really true or correct but it may not be the way people think about it.

Primary Meanings of technically.1.advwith regard to technique2.advaccording to the exact meaning; according to the facts

What does it mean to speak literally?

To speak literally, in this sense, is just to mean what one’s words themselves say. … In principle, it seems, a word that says such things should be vacuous.

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