What is low vol coal?

Low volatile metallurgical coals are generally softer coals with a Hardgrove Grindability Index of around 80.

What are the 4 grades of coal?

Coal is classified into four main types, or ranks: anthracite, bituminous, subbituminous, and lignite.

What is low ash coal?

Washed and unwashed coal in various sizes and ash levels, mainly provided to the ferro alloy and smelting industries as a reduction agent. Procarbon work with strict limitations when it comes to consistent quality.

What is MMR of coal?

Mean Maximum Reflectance (MMR): The value of MMR in coking coal varies in the range of 0.85-1.35%. Soft coking coal has a lower MMR while hard coking coal has higher MMR. 14. Vitrinite: The value of Vitrinite in metallurgical coal is a minimum of 50%.

What type of coal has the lowest sulfur content?


Which country has the cleanest coal?


Which is the lowest quality of coal?

Lignite: Lignite coal, aka brown coal, is the lowest grade coal with the least concentration of carbon.

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Which coal has highest ash content?


Which coal has no caking power?

Non Coking Coal does not have any caking properties and it is mainly used as thermal coal for power generation. It has a higher ash content and also used in industries like cement, fertilizer, glass, ceramic, paper, chemical and brick manufacturing.

What is the difference between bituminous and anthracite coal?

Anthracite coal is a higher grade than bituminous coal and is formed under greater pressure and at higher temperatures. … Bituminous coal also contains more moisture than anthracite coal. There is more bituminous coal in the world than anthracite.

What is CSR coal?

Coke Strength after Reaction (CSR) refers to coke “hot” strength, generally a quality reference in a simulated reaction condition in an industrial blast furnace.

What is hard coke?

Coke is used as a fuel and as a reducing agent in smelting iron ore in a blast furnace. … The carbon monoxide produced by its combustion reduces iron oxide (hematite) in the production of the iron product.

What is PCI coal used for?

Pulverised Coal Injection coal (PCI) – coal used for its heat value and injected directly into blast furnaces (without an intermediate coking phase) as a supplementary fuel, which reduces the amount of coke required and therefore costs. PCI coal can also be sold into the thermal coal market.

Which is the softest form of coal?


What is the cleanest form of coal?


Which country has the best quality coal?

Experts told Fact Check that Australia’s coal is on average high quality as a result of its low moisture and ash content, and high carbon content, compared with other countries, particularly Indonesia, the largest coal exporter in the world.

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