Your question: What is m40 in Coke?

The coke is characterized in terms of quality indices M40 and M10. Index M40 is the expression as a percentage of the fraction greater than 40 mm that is left in the drum. M10 index is the percentage fraction less than 10 mm from the test resulting.

What is micum test?

The micum test is a relative measure of the resistance of coke to degradation mostIy by abrasion. … The results of size analysis of the treated coke are used as indices of the resistance to breakage by abrasion.

What is micum index?

1 Micum index, IWN : The percentage of the test sample, originally of particle size + 60 mm, remaining on or over a 40 mm aperture test sieve after 100 revolutions in the IS0 drum.

What is CSR and CRI of coke?

The percentage weight loss is known as the reactivity (CRI). The reacted coke is placed in an I-type drum (no lifters) and subjected to 600 revolutions in 30 minutes. The percent of carbon material removed from the drum that is +10 mm is known as the coke strength after reaction (CSR).

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What is Coke and its uses?

Coke is a grey, hard, and porous fuel with a high carbon content and few impurities, made by heating coal or oil in the absence of air—a destructive distillation process. It is an important industrial product, used mainly in iron ore smelting, but also as a fuel in stoves and forges when air pollution is a concern.

What is the difference between coal and coke?

What is the difference between coal and coke fuel? Coal is a shiny, black fossil fuel that contains impurities, emits smoke when burned, and produces less heat than coke. Coke is a dull, black byproduct of coal that burns hotter and cleaner.

What are the properties of coke?

Coke, a solid fuel produced by high temperature distillation of coking coals, is the primary fuel of the blast furnace. Its properties include high porosity, high carbon content, high strength and hardness, and low amount of volatiles.

What is the difference between coking coal and non coking coal?

A non-caking coal is that coal which on heating in absence of air doesn’t from a coherent mass of residue. … A coking coal is that coal which on heating in absence of air leaves a solid residue. A non-coking coal also leaves a solid coherent residue which may not possess the physical & chemical properties of the coke.

What is coal fluidity?

Fluidity is a test which measures the rheological properties of coal. In industrial scale, testing of fluidity of individual coal samples and the blends made using these coals is important in predicting coke quality.

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What is caking index of coal?

caking index. measure of the magnitude of the binding strength between coal particles or between coal particles and inert particles after coal is heated at 850 °C.

How is Coke socially responsible?

Coca Cola releases Sustainability Report that comprises the details of CSR programs and initiatives engaged by the company. Coca Cola aims to give back at least 1% of its annual income for charitable causes annually. … Coca Cola has announced its commitment to balance its water usage by 2020.

What is met coke?

Met coke is used in products where a high quality, tough, resilient carbon is required. Met coke, limestone, and iron ore are mixed together in high temperature furnaces where extreme heat causes the chemical properties to bond, forming iron and steel.

What is CSN in coking coal?

7. Crucible Swelling Number (CSN): The range of CSN in coking coal is 3 of a minimum to a maximum 6. Prime coking coal has high CSN value while soft coking coal has low CSN value. 8. Maximum Dilatation: The value of maximum dilatation is 55% minimum.

Why Coke is not used as fuel?

The term means a product similar to coal and mined the same way. Coal is cheaper and that is why it is used more often. … Coke is cleaner and other methods should be looked into before coal and oil run out.

What is the purest form of coke?

The purest form of Cocaine is a white, pearly product. The powder form of cocaine is a salt, which is typically cocaine hydrochloride.

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What are the two uses of coke?

Uses of Coke:

  • The most common use of coke is as a fuel for stoves, furnaces and blacksmithing. It is sometimes preferred over coal because burning coke produces very little smoke.
  • It is also used to produce iron in a blast furnace.
  • Coke is used to manufacture steel and many other materials.
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