Frequent question: What is a coal mining search?

The Coal Authority Report reveals information regarding any past, present and future mining and highlights any environmental and stability risks which could affect the property. The search also provides details of any subsidence remediation claims, shaft locations, reported hazards and mine gas emissions.

Is a coal mining search necessary?

A coal search is required if you are buying a property in an area where coal mining used to take place and will identify if there is an environmental or stability risk arising from past, current and future coal mining activity.

How long does a coal mining search take?

During busy periods it may take up to 72 hours. If you draw the report boundary yourself, then, in most cases, reports are issued almost instantly.

How much does a coal mining search cost?

Fees. You can search for free, but you’ll have to pay for a report. Prices start at £25 (plus VAT).

A TerraFirma search delivers a multi-mineral instability risk assessment in a single report which investigates the potential issues of abandoned mineral workings and the problems they can cause property and land.

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Is it safe to live near a coal mine?

Living in heavily mined areas increases the risk of lung cancer and respiratory disease. Levels of exposure to pollution are highest in areas with the most mountaintop removal. Scientists found a direct link between dust from mountaintop removal and lung cancer.

What is a coal mining risk assessment?

The aim of a Coal Mining Risk Assessment is to identify site specific coal mining risks and set out the proposed mitigation strategy to show that the site can be made safe and stable for the development being proposed.

How do you prove mine subsidence?

Indications of mine subsidence

  1. Popping, creaking and cracking resounding from the inside components of your house.
  2. The appearance of cracks in your foundation or exterior walls.
  3. Shifting and tilting – doors may begin to swing open or shut on their own.
  4. Windows and doors beginning to stick or jam.

What is a coal outcrop?

Description. Abstract. Coal outcrops illustrate a location where a workable coal seam is present at or close to the surface. Purpose. Mining and geographical data held on the National Coal Mining Database.

For what coal is used?

Coal is primarily used as fuel to generate electric power in the United States. The coal is burned and the heat given off is used to convert water into steam, which drives a turbine.

Where can I find old mine shafts?

The fastest way I find mineshafts is by swimming in deep water. Deep Oceans will crape the top of the mine shafts open. The same goes with ravines. Bring some ladders with you to place on the walls to provide air once you get down there.

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What is a coal mining interpretive report?

This report studies the position of mine entries identified in our residential mining reports, the diameters and the thickness of geological deposits above rockhead to provide a risk assessment on the potential for any ground movement. …

Should I buy a house near a mine shaft?

Mineshafts have the potential to cause major problems to people looking to purchase a property and take out a mortgage. This is because they bring significant added risks and in worst case scenarios, these risks could even make your property unmortgageable.

What is a mining survey?

Mine surveyors are involved in the accurate measurement and recording of mine workings. They are critical to the design, planning and safety of surface and underground mining activities, which must be accurately represented on mine plans.

Will I get a mortgage if my house is close to a shaft?

Mortgages for a house near a mineshaft are likely to prove challenging to arrange. However, that is not to say it is impossible to get a mineshaft mortgage – you may simply need to provide rather more in the way of reassurance to the lender than normal.

What is a subsidence buffer report?

The Subsidence Buffer report discloses the number of claims within 50 metres of a property, along with the outcome of the investigation. This provides an indication as to whether the property in question may also be at risk.

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